I’m not a professional cake maker, can I still attend?

Yes! We welcome anyone interested in exploring and learning about the craft of cake decoration and baking.

How long are the hands-on classes and what do I need to bring?

Classes are approximately 3 hours long and must be booked by May 19th. If a class does not have enough participants, it may be canceled and we will notify registrants and offer other classes in it’s place. We will advise students in advance of any materials they need to bring, otherwise they will be supplied to you onsite. More information may be found Here 

How long are the demonstrations and are they all ticketed?

All demonstrations are 45 minutes long. There are two ticketed demo stages, one featuring Cake Decorating techniques, the other focused on baking and sponsored by the International Culinary Center. The open demo stage is sponsored by Flavor Right and will feature wonderful cake decorating techniques and product information. More information may be found Here.

What chefs are participating? Will I be able to meet them after the demo?

For a full roster of chefs, please visit Here. Based on each chef’s available time onsite, there is a meet-n-greet area near the demos for follow-up questions and pictures.

Are Kids permitted?

Absolutely! We have kids general admission tickets available for purchase, a ticketed kids demos, and a free cupcake decoration bar (get your ticket upon check-in). More info here 

What’s the cupcake bar? Can anyone decorate?

The cupcake bar is geared towards kids, but we appreciate the argument that there’s a kid inside all of us. A cupcake bar ticket will be given out to Kids upon check-in, adults may visit the Info booth for a ticket that must be redeemed per cupcake.

What is a Cake Competition?

The Cake Competition is Broadway-themed  this year, and features 5 Divisions and 11 Categories. Registrants compete for a prize in each category, with awards given out Sunday at 5PM to the winners on the Open Demo Stage sponsored by Flavor Right. More info here 


Is there food onsite? Is it free?

There are a number of wonderful restaurants and bakeries selling food and beverage throughout the day, as well as food trucks serving lunch from 11:00AM – 3:00PM. All is available for purchase and there may be some sampling opportunities from Exhibitors or at the Demo stages.

Is there onsite parking?

Yes, there are two lots beside the venue with parking available first come-first serve daily. The pricing is set by the operators and may only take cash.

Can I pay for my ticket onsite?

Yes, tickets are sold onsite, though for a faster check-in experience and no service fees, we recommend purchasing your tickets in advance here, and may be done on mobile devices easily! Het your ticket Here

Can I pay with cash?

Onsite purchases of tickets and demos may be done in cash, though it is at the discretion of each vendor onsite whether they accept cash or not.